About the Journal

The McGill Law Journal contributes to legal research and scholarship on topics of significant importance through the publication of outstanding peer-reviewed articles, case comments and book reviews. The Journal publishes the work of professors, judges, researchers and practitioners. As a student-run organization, the Journal provides a meeting point for lively exchange between students and members of the legal community by way of annual events, such as symposia and conferences, and through its podcast channel.


In the spring of 1952, Gerald Éric Le Dain and Jacques-Yvan Morin founded the McGill Law Journal, hoping that it would become a permanent meeting place for Quebec’s flourishing legal minds. It was only the third student-run law review established in Canada when faculty-run publications were the norm. With the support from the Faculty of Law at McGill University, the Journal published its first issue in 1955. Over the next decades, the Journal galvanized its reputation within the Canadian legal community. In 1986, it published the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, forming the basis for a nationally accepted citation standard.

Today, the McGill Law Journal stands as a leading student-administered legal journal in Canada and is frequently cited by all level of courts in Canada and scholars all around the world. Through the publication of special issues and innovative articles, the Journal has provided an invaluable vehicle for debates on critical issues throughout Canadian history. Beyond serving as a platform for the publication of innovative and foundational legal scholarship, it provides an outlet for its members to develop quintessential skills for their academic and professional careers.

Notable former members include Supreme Court Justice Morris Fish; Minister of Justice David Lametti; Dick Pound; Geneticist Bartha Knoppers; Justice Nicholas Kasirer; Justice Patrick Healy; and Justice Jean-Louis Baudouin. Notable members published in the Journal’s pages include Pierre Elliot Trudeau; Supreme Court Justices Rosalie Abella and Gerald Fauteux; former Governor General David Johnston and UN Diplomat Yves Fortier.

As the first law journal in the country to be cited by the Supreme Court of Canada, the Journal’s publication history demonstrates continued excellence. The Journal has since been cited by the Supreme Court in over 150 cases.